Which places are suitable for LED outdoor wall washers?

2019-03-21 15:31:46

Our lighting fixtures for outdoor use generally pick line lights, so what kind of lighting should we use if we use it elsewhere? Guangdong Guangzhidian is suitable for you to use LED outdoor wall washers.

1. Illumination of marking objects

Lighting the places that need space limitation and guidance, such as road pavement, stair steps, emergency exits, safe passages, etc., have extensive use of LED outdoor wall washers, LED outdoor wall washers save energy and will not add cost. It is worthy of implementation in areas such as the iconic traffic safety guidance.

2. The use of indoor space lighting work

LED outdoor wall washer lighting will not cause a lot of heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and will not damage the human body and merchandise exhibits. The lighting system is simple and does not need to be equipped with filter devices. It is easy to install, and the lighting is accurate. Lighting work in indoor spaces such as museums.



3, outdoor landscape lighting

Because LED outdoor wall washers can be well integrated with urban landscapes, good lighting effects can be achieved in recreational spaces such as urban paths, decks, waterfronts, and horticultural areas. Concealed LED outdoor wall washers are particularly popular.

4, building exterior lighting

Projecting a certain area of the building, because the LED outdoor wall washer light source is small and thin, the development of linear projection has become a major advantage. It is quick to install and can be installed horizontally or vertically, providing a broader design for night lighting design. The space is commonly used for lighting work in modern and historic buildings.

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