What are the causes of LED outdoor wall washers burning?

2019-03-21 15:07:34

LED light source is attributed to voltage-sensitive equipment. In practice, the current is 20 mA, but it is often increased due to various reasons in the application. If the protective measures are not adopted, this increased current LED outdoor wall washers will be damaged after a certain period of time and amplitude. In addition, there are other reasons why LED outdoor wall washers will burn out.

1. Short circuit due to poor water resistance

Regarding many LED outdoor wall washers, the process requirements for potting are relatively high. Since many wall washers are exposed outdoors, it is necessary to pot seal the imported PU glue with good water resistance. Otherwise, the rainwater and water vapor that cannot be blocked from entering the interior of the lamp will cause the parts of the wall washer to be short-circuited. Thereby the circuit board is self-igniting, causing the whole lamp to burn out.

2, low-voltage lamps connected to high-voltage



If you use a low-pressure wall washer to connect to high-voltage power, it is also very simple to cause it to burn. For example, if the wall washer used is a low voltage 24V, and the domestic common voltage is 220V, if the power is directly applied during the installation, the internal capacitance of the LED outdoor wall washer will not be able to withstand such a strong voltage. And caused the phenomenon of wall washer burning.

3, wall washer equipment matching fault

If the resistance and capacitance on the wall washer circuit board are faulty, the time-division wall washer will also cause short-circuit spontaneous combustion due to excessive current. Therefore, this requires the wall washer to check whether the current is normal before leaving the factory.

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