LEDThere are several ways to keep the line lights waterproof.

2019-03-21 15:24:22

The LED line lamp is also called the LED soft light strip and the LED soft light strip. The LED line light is similar in shape to a long strip of soft strip. The FPC soft board is used as the substrate, and the components such as the patch LED are soldered on the substrate with special skills. Because the illuminator is an LED, it is called an LED strip. LED waterproof soft light strip is an LED light strip that handles the waterproof function of LED light strip. The general waterproof strip grade is IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, etc. So, how many ways can LED strips be waterproof? as follows:

1. Epoxy waterproof LED line light strips, which were made of epoxy resin and PU glue. Put the LED line light strip flat on the drip table, do not fix the LED strip with double-sided tape, and then drop a layer of glue on the surface of the LED strip to achieve the surface waterproof effect.

2. Hollow full casing waterproof light bar, the general casing is silicone full casing and PVC full casing.



3. Semi-casing Epoxy waterproof or semi-casing glue waterproof, that is, the bottom is a semi-casing sleeve, and then do the glue or potting treatment.

4. Full casing glue filling waterproof or full casing pumping waterproof, which is the high level of waterproofing of LED line light strips at that time, can be completely used in water.

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