From the time to judge the quality of LED outdoor wall washers

2019-03-21 14:55:35

Guangdong Guangzhidian referrals can refer to the following points to distinguish:

1. Look at the appearance, observe the details of workmanship, exquisite appearance, no sharp angle, the color is oxidized, and it is oxidized in the watch. Because the radiators and lamps of LED outdoor wall washers are usually aluminum products. The high purity aluminum material can oxidize the good oxidation color, which ensures the use of aluminum pure outdoor LED wall washer.

2. Look at the luminous power of the luminaire

The fundamental reason why we choose LED lamps is to save energy, save money, only high luminous power, long life LED can really play the role of energy saving and money saving, the same are LED lamps, high power LED lamps than ordinary LED lamps luminous power To be more than 50% higher, that is, the energy saving effect is higher than 50%.



In the absence of testing equipment, only the comparison method can be used to perform the same comparison test with the LED lamps or the transmission lamps with the same actual power. The brightness is higher than that. Some LED lamps, the actual power is much higher than the measured power, such a lamp, not a good lamp, this is because the driving power of the lamp is low, and the LED lamp is bought to buy it, the popular way is to buy brightness Not power.

3. Heat dissipation power discrimination method

Generally, there is no thermometer at hand, and it can only be judged by the hand feeling. The ambient temperature varies according to the season. In the same day, the test will have different temperatures. Only when the temperature rise of the lamp is constant, can the LED lamp be tested for heat dissipation. The effect is to judge the heat dissipation effect of the LED lamp by the temperature rise of the lamp, and the two LED lamps with the same heat dissipation structure are simultaneously illuminated, and which lamp reaches the high temperature first, then the heat dissipation of the lamp is better, that is, the light source. The heat resistance of the heat sink is small.

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