LEDWhere are the line lights applied?

2019-03-21 15:29:13

1. Bathroom dry area: The line lamp is installed by wall mounting method, which is used as mirror front light to meet the needs of functional lighting.

2. Kitchen: Several  line ceiling lamps are arranged together to handle basic lighting and functional lighting together.

Tips: It is not recommended to be installed in the Chinese cooking area, which is often fried and fried. The cooking area in the Chinese cooking area is heavier (especially the family that mainly cooks frying and frying). It is recommended to choose lamps with anti-smoke and dustproof functions. .


3. Bar: Semi-open kitchen bar, which can choose line ceiling lamps for functional lighting.

4. Front of the mirror: basic lighting. The mirror at the entrance is the first to serve as a plucking device. The combination of basic lighting (ligen line ceiling lamp) + functional lighting (wall lamp) in front of the mirror meets the lighting requirements of the utility area.

5. Bedroom: The lighting of the wardrobe area is mainly used for functional lighting.

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