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    • Product Name: GZD-950 Master Control (Serial)
    • Number: GZD-950 Master Control (Serial)

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    Product introduction

    1、GZD-950 is the industrial synchronous and asynchronous controller, with 8 outputs, each output can max. Reach 682 pixels (2048 channels)

    2、32-65536 grade gray-scale control, can present the real color and details of the image.

    3、512 grade tri-phosphor brightness control individual, make more easy and effective in white balance exact adjustment.

    4、Adjusting the hardware anti-gamma correction based on visual physiolog..

    5、100Hz refresh rate to ensure the stable frame.

    6、Using Ethernet interface and UDP networking protocol, max, transmission distance is 100M.

    7、display module to display the controller parameter and status.

    8、Software ID code setting, abandon the inconvenience of the hardware dial switch in manually adjust in the actual installation.

    9、Multiple chip control set in one, using the software setup to change the type of control chip, clock frequency, OE period.

    10、Double network interface, to fulfill the controller and controller connection.


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